Hike a Mountain for Sustainable Development at Local Level: “Come to Ponikva, Meet the Region!”

Communities whose development is based on the protection and promotion of natural resources are communities that achieve economic progress in way that is sustainable, equitable and in line with the needs of future generations.

In order to promote the idea for sustainable local development of communities through natural protection, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje Office together with the Municipality of Kocani and the Macedonian Ecological Society, on 6th of September organized the Hiking tour "Come to Ponikva, Meet the Region!". During the 6-kilometer tour to the Ratkova Skala site, representatives from the international community, civil society organizations and government institutions got to know parts of the natural potential and resources of the region of Osogovo, and actively participated in the discussing the opportunities for sustainable local development. The direct presentation of the region potential enabled an ideal environment for identifying opportunities, but also challenges which can be tackled only if there is a strong local initiative supported by the local government, relevant institutions, civil society organizations and the local population.

As the first event of its kind, we believe that it will serve in the future as a platform for creating a sustainable development program, which will enhance the economic opportunities in the region, while protecting the natural heritage and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The short movie “Nature is value” filmed during the Hiking tour can be accessed on the following link. The film was made by the filmmakers of the Oscar-nominated film "Honeyland": Cinematography by Fejmi Daut, Dragoljub Nikolovski and Gjorgi Klincharov; written and directed by Kostadin Anastasov.


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