Equality and Social Justice

Societies that are more equal are better off. The economies function in a better way, the education system is more efficient, in average, the people are healthier, live longer and are more content with their opportunities in life. Therefore creating a more equal and a more just society is crucial to a state actually moving forward. Following the guiding values of social democracy, we as FES Skopje focus our work on a number of issues connected to these topics.  

We work for an equal society, that provides equal opportunities and social protection for all citizens. This means equal access to education, equal payment and social security just as much as focusing support on those left out instead of those who are thriving by themselves.   

Fighting any form of discrimination and raising awareness for the importance of a tolerant society to create a more successful future for all, is a key to achieve this. This includes supporting the inclusion of women in the labor force, fighting for good and fair labor conditions and education opportunities just as much as detecting and working against structural and daily discrimination and stereotypes connected to race, sexual orientation or gender.

Latest News and Events

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