Roundtable discussion “Housing and Youth in North Macedonia"

On May 26th, a roundtable discussion titled "Housing and Youth in North Macedonia" took place at the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. The event was organized by the Organization for Housing and Tenants (OHT) and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES).

The panel was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs, Coordination of Economic Resources and Investments, Fatmir Bitikji, the Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation- Skopje Office, Rene Schlee, and the President of the Housing and Tenants Organization, Maja Staleska.

In order to promote good practices and international experiences, representatives from the Tenant Association of Iceland, the Tenant Association of Sweden, and the International Tenant Association were invited as guests to the roundtable.

The discussion at the roundtable centered around housing and the needs of young people. Topics included the regulation of real estate rental prices, lease agreements, models of public housing, housing models for vulnerable categories, and the initiation of a new housing strategy that is inclusive, fair, and responsive to the real needs of citizens.

This roundtable discussion was held as part of the Housing Festival "Safe, Dignified, and Accessible Housing for All," which was organized for the first time this year by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Organization for Housing and Tenants, and the Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia.


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