Trade Union Academy of SIER, SUTKOZ, UPOZ, AGRO, SGIP, and SRSVM

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation- Skopje Office, as a strong supporter of the SSM and the unions affiliated with SSM, supported the organization of the Trade Union Academy for legal representatives, union delegates, and leadership from the SIER, SUTKOZ, UPOZ, AGRO, SGIP and SRSVM unions.

During this academy, discussions revolved around the situations and challenges within trade union association and organization, as well as collective bargaining in North Macedonia.

The trade union academy was inaugurated by the Secretary of the SSM Council, Zlatko Cvetkovski along with Valon Sadiki from FES – Skopje. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Ristovski from the Faculty of Law , "Justinian I" in Skopje, ensured that participants acquired the necessary knowledge about union association and organization, collective bargaining and the right to strike.

Strong unions, improved working conditions!


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