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23.12.2019 | Sustainability and Security | News, Event

Which social processes influence certain changes in the city? How do these changes change the identity of the city?


07.11.2019 | EU Integration | News, Event

On the October 15th, the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Regional Dialogue as well as Skopje Office collaborated with Renner Institute in Vienna to organize…


28.10.2019 | Equality and Social Justice | News, Event

The Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Skopje Office together with Union to Union and Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), a global union federation…


28.10.2019 | Regional Programs | News, Event

The Prespa Agreement can be defined as a unique diplomatic achievement for conflict resolution and cooperation among different actors in the region.


24.10.2019 | Education and Youth Policies | News, Event

From the 26ths until the 30ths of September the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation supported the 17ths International Youth Conference organized by IYC…


15.10.2019 | Sustainability and Security | Publication, News

All aspects related to the protection of critical infrastructure were discussed at the conference held on 02.10.2019 at the Alexander Palace Hotel in…


01.10.2019 | Regional Programs | Event

As Western Balkan countries are striving towards sustainable development and integrating with western economies, many challenges require strong…


20.08.2019 | Sustainability and Security | News, Event

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje Office together with Eco Logic, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protection and conservation of the…


06.08.2019 | Event, Настани, Ngjarje

International Youth Conference - European values for the future of SEE countries.


25.07.2019 | Sustainability and Security | Event

The 2nd Environmental Charter Meeting highlighted the importance of developing ambitious climate policies through an inclusive process that targets…



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