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02.06.2021 | News, Event

On May 28 and 29, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in partnership with Makedoks, organized two screenings of documentaries followed by discussions,…


01.06.2021 | News, Event

In its work, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is strongly committed to respecting workers' rights and their promotion and advancement.


27.05.2021 | News, Event

In the framework of the project SEE Security Platform , Minister of Defense of the Republic of North Macedonia, Radmila Sekerinska gave an interview…


17.03.2021 | Sustainability and Security | News, Event

The firm affirmation of the Republic of North Macedonia in regard to its EU membership, as well as the current status of a Party to the Energy…


11.03.2021 | News, Event

In order to contribute to the improvement of gender equality in the country, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Skopje conducted a comprehensive…


08.03.2021 | News, Event

For many years women have fought for equality and their public space in politics. Key and difficult steps have been taken, women have allies, but…


22.02.2021 | News, Event

Friedrich Ebert Foundation - Office Skopje as one of the partner organizations of the Presidential Center for Political Education shares the call for…


18.02.2021 | News, Event

In order to walk the right path, we need a consensus on where we want to be. The key points about the Big Picture are available on the link.



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