Academy for Public Policy- Second Module

The second module of the Academy of Public Policy "From Idea to Realization" organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Association for Sustainable and Inclusive Development "SIGA" was held this weekend.

The second module titled "What does it mean to network and get support for my idea" was opened by Ivan Stefunko, the founder of the political startup (political movement) "Progressive Slovakia", an entrepreneur dedicated to innovation, investment in technology companies and mentorship of young talents, Nita Starova, project coordinator at FES and Mila Carovska, director of SIGA.

The Academy was also attended by Kristina Ampeva, the President of the Association "Glasen Textilec", Nikica Kusenikova, the executive director of the civil association "Connect", Darjan Radenkovic, a marketing and business strategy professional and founder of the Strategic Communications Agency „Zar Ptica“ and Vlado Karaev, а team-building expert.

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